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Thursday, May 10, 2007

President Bush and the Queen

We fought a revolution for this?

3 May 2007
by Ray McAllister

From: Jefferson, Thomas
Sent: 5/3/2007 7:35 AM
To: my 21st Century Virginia friends
Subject: Her Majesty's visit

Dearest Friends, I write to you upon the occasion of today's visit to the Capitol at Richmond by Her Majesty the Queen, writing as I am within the sound of a marching drum regiment that practices for her Arrival.

And on something called a Laptop. (Which I must admit has proven a Great Convenience, not requiring the continual dipping into ink as my writing quill hath done, although it doth incorporate something called "SpellChecker," an Annoyance that insists upon removal of the ending "e" from many of my words).

This is a great time for our beloved Commonwealth, as it nears the 400th anniversary of the British settlement of our continent at James Towne. I would be falsely modest were I not to add that I am pleased by the completed restoration on this Occasion of the Capitol building which I designed and which I hope Virginia's citizens hold as dear as do I for its Symbolism to the great cause of Democracy.

Yet I fear we are allowing ourselves to be distracted by today's Festivities and general Gaiety.

Our young colony struggles with greater Issues of Life and Death and with Lesser Ones such as the acquisition of greater bonding authority for transportation; it doth behoove us to move quickly so as to keep the I-95 corridor a viable transportation link for the greater East Coast.

Yet much of the Publick Attention has been turned of late to issues of a Lotterie merely to see Her Majesty for a few moments or of a "Webcaste" for those who do not win such a Lotterie. Moreover, Publick Discourse itself has been spent on the issue of whether it is required of gentle ladies, or merely proper of them, to wear hats within the presence of Her Majesty.

Fellow Citizens, have we forgotten? We have risen up against this very Monarchy, defeating it at great Cost and throwing off its Yoke of Imperialism that we may be Free. Why then must we engage in Idolatry upon a mere visit by a member of the vanquished Monarchy?

Moreover, must we idle our Government workers for a full day, at an Expense of 11 million dollars, to do so? I am told reliably that the British government spends more than 37 million pounds a year, or nearly the equivalent of 75 million dollars in our own currency, on sustaining its Royal Familie, an entity whose only duties are ceremonial ones of little Import, or ones of such Dubious Nature as to feed the tabloids' unending desire for Gossip.

Gladly, we have not availed ourselves of this wasteful foolishness in our own Nation; when we have an international need for ceremonial ambassadors, we merely send our former Presidents Bush and Clinton, as fitting a pair of Emissaries as any Royal couple has ever been and costing a considerably lesser amount.

We should treat our Royal Visitors today with Respect; nothing less is required, but no more.

It has been explained to me that a great many of our Citizens are most favorably disposed to a visitation by Her Majesty, said to be a splendid individual exhibiting all personal Refinements, particularly now that she has been portrayed so favorably in the Cinema. That is understandable; however, any thinking American could be forgiven for wondering, who Exactly does she think she is?

Elliott Yamin?



Much outrage have been expressed over President Bush's faux pas during the Queen's visit . I.e. almost implying that the latter is over 200 years old, and then winking at the monarch. Here's the other side of it:

Her Majesty really brings the peasant out in some people.

Some like Bush try to treat her like a human being, perhaps he should have followed the decorum set down and adored by those who love to bow and scrape. Those are the real peasants.

I have very little respect for her for a lot of reasons and the idea that one (as an individual) is disrespecting the British people if one disses the queen is ridiculous.

The old parasite needs a bit of shaking up, good for Bush.

I will never understand the fawning and scraping that the 'queen' brings out in people.

Good on Bush for treating her just like another person.

About time someone did that.

(Tony D.)

The royal family disses itself on a regular basis, doesn't it?


Indeed, no one proves the truth about the royals quite like the royals themselves.

(Tony D.)

Who cares about some 150 year old? She should be grateful W just tolerated her and honoured her by being present in some random function with her. This dumb wig wearing hasn't done anything worthwhile *ever*, yet people expect her to be treated like some god or something. Off to your little island.

(Brad Kirkpatrick, Chicago)

I can't understand the way you civilized men crawl on your bellies before any copper-riveted ass who happens to sit on a jeweled chair with a bauble on his head.

(Conan the Barbarian)



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