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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Supersize Me

My fat brother (who loves to eat feed) sent me some rather unusual pictures of a restaurant in Germany. Café und Restaurant Waldgeist is located in Hofheim. They are known for their huge portions. Check out the pictures.


       I hope the tables are clean.

       Where's the surgeon general's warning?

       Any idea how many points Weight Watchers gives this entrée?

       Can one get exhausted from eating?

       The price of failure: leftovers for the next few days.

       Sexual references during this course should be verboten.

       "Now that's what I call 'Man Meat!'"

       You just made the lady lose her appetite, Budd.

Those across the pond are not left out: check out the burgers from Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Pennsylvania.

       Not a Photoshopped image.


       The bun is the size of the sourdough loaf I take a week to consume.

       This image adds a whole new dimension to "onion rings."

The Ye' Olde 96er Grand Challenger Burger. It has a 6 lbs (2.73 kg) beef patty, and another 5 lbs (2.28 kg) of garnishing.

For the saner — as well as the totally insane — the restaurant offers other burger sizes.

They even have challenges for the truly hungry, gluttonous, or demented.

No prizes awarded for correctly guessing where my brother is heading next  :-D


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