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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cultural immersion

The Chinese eat everything in the water except submarines; everything in the air except airplanes; everything that crawls upon the earth except tanks; everything with legs except furniture; what is inedible is called medicine and ingested anyway.

Typical market in Beijing:

         Deep-fried Starfish.

         Deep-fried Seahorse.

         Stewed Sea Urchin.

         Grilled Baby Shark.

And who can forget the slaughter of Whale Sharks, depicted in the second half of a previous post?

Some thoughts to keep in mind the next time some Chinese Culture Chauvinist (CCC) pig — with much (misguided) fervor and spittle — launches on a tract about the supposed superiority of their values.

Huayu Cool indeed. (Check out the site. The last sentence of the final paragraph is a scream.)


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