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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Update — 5/3/2007:  little sieteocho deletes allegedly incriminating Xanga posts.

Update — 5/2/2007:  little sieteocho deletes Xanga post exposing him contradicting himself.

       To little sieteocho,

I knew there will come a day where your fat mouth — and blatant disregard for facts — would land you in trouble. AND IT DID! Thanks for providing such entertainment as you scramble to delete the archives of your entire blog! ROTFLMAO! But please, please don't stop! Do continue shooting your mouth off irresponsibily, even libelously. This is like watching a train wreck in action.

Here's another foot-in-mouth quote from your Xanga blog (which you also abandoned). Hmm... There's a pattern here, you thunk?

in spite of all the creative juices that keep on flowing out of me. I don’t censor, I don’t edit.

Within a day of this revelation, little sieteocho swiftly (but quietly) deletes his heartfelt assertion. Google cache of post here.

The trend continues barely 24 hours later; after it is revealed that little sieteocho also shot his mouth off about the same senior public official on his Xanga blog, little sieteocho scrambles (yet again) to delete it before someone lays the virtual smackdown on him again :-D

Original post  (deleted by little sieteocho).

Google cache of deleted post.

As a gesture of my magnanimity, here's a free quote:

Some people are like Slinkies: not really good for anything but to bring a smile to others as they tumble down the stairs.

And a free picture:

       Adios, loser!

Keyword:  schadenfreude.


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