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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lie back and think of England

Well, in this case, Singapore — which is just as well, since the standard of English Engrish practiced here is so abysmal revolting that it renders Ipecac mild.

Put mums in parade

It is time that we take a radical approach in encouraging women to have babies.

Just as we view national service as vital for our security and survival, it is time we regard raising the birthrate as being vital for our future security and survival. Giving birth should be seen as a national service.

We must thus accept and expect our female citizens to have children and reward and recognise their effort, and the companies that release their staff for this important national service.

A woman going on maternity leave should not be viewed as just taking personal time away from work but should also be viewed as doing her part for the country.

Mothers should be represented at the National Day Parade in recognition of their contributions to the nation. They should be held up as a new pillar of Total Defence.

Sng Choon Kwee
         (Sng, Choon Kwee.  Letter.  The Straits Times.  2 August 2008.)

The sentiments expressed in the letter above were so over the top that, for a moment, I suspected the writer penned a parody (or engaged in flamebaiting), but a check with a previous letter under the same name discounted the notion.

Offer tax relief and allowance for stay-at-home mothers

I applaud the Government for reiterating that Singaporeans still form the core of this country and for coming up with new pro-family measures to raise the birth rate.

It is time the Government recognised the contribution of stay-at-home mothers who quit their jobs to raise children in their formative years. Families with a stay-at-home mum sacrifice one income so children can have the mother as their primary caregiver.

It is time the nation acknowledged and affirmed the contribution of stay-at-home mums to nation-building as they give birth and nurture the next Singaporean generation. I propose that husbands of stay-at-home mums be given a greater income tax relief. Stay-at-home mums with no income should also be given a monthly allowance of $400 for three years after the birth of their child, with the condition that household income does not exceed $5,000 a month. This will greatly help families with stay-at-home mums.

Sng Choon Kwee
         (Sng, Choon Kwee.  Letter.  The Straits Times.  24 July 2008.)

Might Mr. Sng be ignorant of the fact that his well-thumbed copy of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale is firmly ensconced within the genre of science fiction, and not pornography?

I think the following (staged) video illustrates the situation best:

Subtext operating in both letters (and the current environment):

         Everybody has got their price.

Not everyone is like Lance, Mr. Sng.

The planet is fine! The people are fucked!
         (George Carlin)


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