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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


1.) People who feature Hondas (History Of No Dramatic Acceleration) in their music videos should be dragged out into the streets, severely beaten, and set on fire.

2.) People who stand up and sing of salvation and abstinence from sin on Sunday mornings, and then proceed to gorge on brunch (gluttony, anyone?) thereafter, should be sent to concentration camps for meal rations and hard labor. Does sitting on your (___*___), and occasionally standing for 2 hours, burn that many calories?

3.) "Foodie" = politically correct term for "pig" or "glutton."

Bonus round: form follows function. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Don't resort to weasel words, cultivate intellectual honesty. If it looks like a pig; eats like a pig; walks / jogs / cycles / swims like a pig...

4.) People who whine about the Singapore government not doing enough to help them procreate should be sterilized. E.g.

The incentives are long overdue. Much more can be given especially to the poor. My wife left me then because I wasn't able to adequately provide for our three children then. Raising children is not cheap. My current home-maker wife is expecting our second child and any free help is most welcome considering we are an affluent country dependent on human resource.
         (Comment dated July 26, 2008 4:24 PM)

5.) Just when you thought the spoonfeeding culture can't get any worse:

And while dating agencies may have glammed up their image, I daresay they, just like the SDU before them, still encounter resistance from those (like me) who feel only desperate people sign up and “I am not desperate, what”.

So, here’s my idea.

Have the push could come from the workplace, where many singles of marriageable age spend a lot of their time.

The National Family Council or another government agency could provide companies with incentives to pack their single employees off to dating agencies. In the same way that they send staff for training courses, employers could stipulate a number of hours that its single employees have to clock per quarter attending events arranged by a dating agency, like lunches, cocktails, outings.
         (Ng, Ansley. "Helping Singles Meet." Today [Singapore] 25 July 2008: 4.)

And my grammar nazi hat isn't even on yet.



OpenID alexisthetiny said...

Seriously, what the HELL? Doesn't that smartypants know that companies would rather their single employees stay single and dedicated to their jobs instead of having to go home to their spouses and take sick leave to look after their kids? NUTS!

July 30, 2008 10:52 AM  

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