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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Red Bull Air Race 2008

'Went down to the waterfront to kick back and relax but found something to raise my heart rate instead:

Along with the other dreamers.

According to a study (Happy Planet Index), Vanuatu, a tiny South Pacific Ocean archipelago with a population of around 200,000, is the happiest country on Earth.

Among the Asian nations Vietnam came highest at number 12 and Singapore was ranked the lowest at 131, said the 178-country Happy Planet Index, complied by the British think-tank New Economics Foundation.

Indonesia was ranked 23, Thailand 32 and Malaysia 44

Better a dreamer than a lemming  :-)

Temporary air control tower.

The planes fly around these cones (air gates) at up to 370 km/h!
And oh, yes, 10 meters (32.8 feet) above the water.

Oh, yes, they also fly between them.

This plane ended up hitting one of the pylons.

More bikes.

They even paint the lane markings in such a way as to warn of the vehicle barrier.

Trailer with kiddo.

One cool retro bike.

One more video.

Remember, little boys and girls lemmings, other countries don't know how to take good care of their citizens — only SinkaPoop can.


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