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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Scene I

I brought Mom to East Coast Park. Strolling along, it started to drizzle. We took shelter. Looking at bridge across ECP (the one that leads to Cycle Craft, for those of you who know), I went, "There's better shelter over there at the HDB blocks; plus, we can take a cab from there too!"

MOM:  Are you sure? It looks a bit far.

BEN:  Don't worry! It's just a bridge!

[A few minutes later, walking up the bridge, it starts to really pour.]

MOM [Getting soaked.]:  You didn't tell me the bridge has such a LONG RAMP!

BEN:  Well, it's still ONE bridge.

MOM:  I see now why you best travel alone.

Scene II

[BEN, soaked to the skin, removes shirt and wrings dry tee shirt. Spots a taxi driver driving past, flags cab. Cab stops 50 m away. Driver reverses. Then stops. Driver turns around and looks at half-naked man in jeans. BEN frantically waves wet tee shirt at cab. Driver turns off, "For Hire," sign and drives off.]

BEN:  Nabei! Lim peh got business for you to make, you not only refuse but dun give yen tao respect! Wad de fug!

MOM [wiping face with hand, turning to an old Malay woman sitting near her, who watched the whole thing]:  Adoi, why do I have a son like that? Adoi...


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