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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Atheist and the Bear

A lifelong atheist was hiking alone in the woods one day when he stumbled upon a huge Grizzly bear poised for an attack. Unable to outrun, outswim, or outclimb the ferocious predator, he prayed to God for help.

He beseeched God, “All of these years I have not believed in you. I do not feel right about coming to you at this last moment and begin believing in you now. It’s just not right. But if you would turn this bear into a Christian, I would appreciate it."

The LORD answered, “All right, I’ll do that for you."

To the atheist's utter amazement, the bear halted its impending attack, sat down, lowered it's massive head, and crossed its paws; all in quiet submission.

Then, the bear proceeded to utter a prayer, “LORD, will you bless this food, of which I am now about to eat. Amen.”


On a more somber note, it is interesting to note how many death row inmates "find God" in their last moments on earth — Last Statements of 405 Death Row Convicts. A mark of the human condition, perhaps?


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