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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hiding behind words

Ran into this piece of garbage, "50 reasons why you're still single":

MEN because you...

20 Shave your legs “for sporting purposes”

Now, try as I might, I could not find a picture of Camilla Long with her legs on the web. (If you do find one, please, please, send me the link). Thus, it is my guess that Miss Long suffers from a terminal case of insecurity and/or sour grapes because:

1.) She has pencil-thin, utterly useless, skinny-flabby legs so devoid of any muscle tone or endurance that they can't even push a 20 x 36 gear on the flats with a 50 mph tailwind.


2.) She has monstrous, cottage-cheese, thunder thighs so large that, had she been on the Titanic, the sheer bulk of floatation afforded by just one limb would have prevented the vessel's sinking.


3.) Miss Long gets off on Wookie porn. Let's not even go there.

Come on, Miss Long. Humor us with a picture. What do you have to hide?


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