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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Short man's syndrome

'Just got back from a long pool session. Details in another post. 'Am too tired after washing tons of equipment (wet suit, hood, mask x2, booties, gloves, fins, BCD, SMB x2, tanks x4, regulators x4, scooter, et cetera) to write about it now. I only have enough energy for a rant before hitting the sack.

What is it with short males?

At 1.87 m myself, although I cannot empathize what it is like to be 1.53 m, I can tell you this for a fact: being a jerk doesn't make you any taller — it just makes you come across as an obnoxious dwarf, that's all.

So there.

The devil in me is tempted to show up early for the next session and relocate everything to that 2-meter high shelf or wayyyyy back, on top of the lockers (and hiding all the chairs and stools). It will be a riot watching you beg the other guys to retrieve things for you.


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