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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kick ass Mom

My mom kicks butt. Not only does she possess a motorbike license, she has also accompanied me on overnight cycling rides in Malaysia. E.g. Pengarang to Desaru to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal.

After taking a trip to India to learn under a yogi last year, she has been teaching yoga 3 times a week. Here, she is teaching a class for beginners. Try to ignore the shabbily dressed guy with the camera :P

The pose they always begin with.


And bend.

Try to kiss your knee cap now.

If you can't do it, execute a pirouette instead.

This pose can also be used when snowboarding.

Did you remember to wash your feet today?
If in doubt, initiate the "Smell Feet" pose.

:P :P :P


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