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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Talking in Zombieland

Conversation with a nosy "auntie" at a bus stop

AUNTIE: But why don't get married? So old already? Children will change your life, you know?
ME: So will going to jail.


Exchange with an old schoolmate trying to convince me of the merits of being a parent breeding

HIM: If everyone thought like you, people like Einstein, Newton, and Mozart would never have been born.
ME: If everyone thought like me, people like Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot wouldn't have been born either.
HIM: !?!?


From the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports website, children "enrich our lives and strengthen the foundation of our family relationships."

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if your marriage requires children to strengthen its foundation, it is probably in trouble. If you require children to bring meaning to your life, then you probably led a shallow one, no sense replicating the mistake in your offspring.

Most people have no business having children. They are unqualified, either genetically or culturally or both, to reproduce such sorry specimens as themselves. Of all our privileges, the license to breed is the one most grossly abused. (Edward Abbey)

To me, a drooling baby crapping in a diaper isn't the cherubic epitome of love, it is a germ factory, a wailing pit of egocentrism, bawling to be endlessly fed massive resources from a depleted world for the next 2 decades. It is the ultimate act of narcissism.

Prove me wrong. Don't breed. Adopt a child from the millions languishing in orphanages around the world instead. Now that would be truly loving a child. But, damn! To give up having minimes of ourselves running around. That's just asking too much, isn't it?


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