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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cell phone, thy true name

Christopher's latest post struck a chord with me:

Digital Shackle

Ong and I went to go look at getting new cell phones today. It is just my humble opinion that one must be insane to pay $100-200 for a cell phone. There is no magic voodoo or electronic greatness that can possibly justify paying that kind of money — particularly for something that so disposable.

A cell phone has unfortunately become a basic necessity. Your phone goes everywhere you go. And why? Again my humble opinion, the cell phone is designed to make it so you never have to think or have a moment to yourself. If you are have having a thought, you can quickly call someone to discuss something mindless and worthless. Or better yet, you can be interrupted to escape the truly urgent.

So why would someone pay $200 for a digital shackle?

Why indeed?

Oh, I know!
For the security of, "Oh, look at me! I'm part of the crowd!"



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