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Monday, September 07, 2009

WTF? videos

Automated versions here and here.

(Hat tip: Agagooga)

This video is the more believable of the two, IMHO.

(Hat tip: NicIz2Hardcore)

When you're so deep in your own shit you start to believe it.

Following comments by bluediamond888 and Garnishes:

Reader anonymouse left this wonderful interpretation of the commercial:

Friend of mine said that the ad is a reflection of the 3 classes in Singapore society:

1. The monkey represents the low-income, which has no choice but to accept peanuts for wages.

2. The elephant represents the middle-income, which has limited contact with the lower class but cannot connect with their struggle to make ends meet, hence the suggestion that they should think positively.

3. The giraffe represents the upper-class, which is completely oblivious to the struggles of the middle and lower classes. Once in a while, they stick their heads down from the clouds and have a look around, but are not bothered by the economic crisis in any way.


Anonymous Ambrose said...

The first time I saw that Positive Thinking ad, I scoffed at it: a feeble attempt to pacify the populace, so easily seen through. I hope they are taking rather more concrete action in the background to mitigate the impact on the people who are hit most.
If not, there is a limit to how long they can do that. Eventually that will politically be a shot in their own foot, if control is what they care about. Minds cannot be controlled forever.

September 10, 2009 1:41 PM  

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