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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Great company, hot meat, red lights... and bad grammar

Ed The Woogy was fashionably late due to a hair-coloring disaster.

GUY IN BLACK TEE:  Hey, did you just swipe my beer?

Waiter refilling the BBQ pit with fresh charcoal. I was tempted to shove the guy and watch Woogy & Co. dance as glowing embers spill onto their laps, but was persuaded by another diner that it probably won't be considered proper dinner entertainment  :-(

The fundies would have been proud:  no goat was spared from the fires.

Dessert at another establishment brought out the grammar nazis in us.

You can really stretch your dollar in this part of town.

Found in the restroom:  the picture is disturbing.

The new Exco of the Association of the Golden Testicle (with our "$2 Blows").



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