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Monday, April 07, 2008


       @ 3 AM.

The Cyclist Hunger and Eating Style

Hunger at a meal can reveal a cyclist. I notice that when I sit to eat with other people, they soon forget about eating and conversation and just watch me eat instead. People will take turns passing me food. Jessica Mosher reports that while other women are eating like birds, she is rapidly stuffing pizza, in spite of her thin figure. The eating method of cyclists has been supplied by Gary Lee:

a) Press food against face,

b) suck,

c) keep fingers out of the way,

d) repeat.

On one bike trip, I arrived at my aunt's house; they had already eaten, but she had a full meal waiting just for me. After I finished, I was sort of looking around, and she said, "You couldn't still be hungry, could you?" I said "no" but I had that look in my eye, so she went and got an already prepared second meal which I promptly devoured. She told me my mother had warned her, but she had found it hard to believe. Of course, I was polite enough not to mention that I had already eaten before I arrived. Anybody can be a glutton, but only a true cyclist® is a bottomless pit.
         (Subtle Little Clues that Indicate a True Cyclist)


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