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Monday, February 04, 2008

CNY Greetings: Stirrer Style

Instead of remaining passive, pacifist, and being annoyed this Chinese New Year, I leveraged on the fact that I look 11 years younger than my age, and adopted a modus operandi not too dissimilar from George Dubya 'Bring it on!' Bush's "Offense is the Best Defense" strategy:

Damn! You look like shit! What happened?


Oh, yes, married with kids. Right!
How's that going for you?

That should forestall the excruciating, "When are you gonna get married?" crap.

I used it once so far. The "deer caught in headlights" look is priceless — infinitely more precious than any hongbao.

I'd rather plant a tree. It will live much longer; has a smaller carbon footprint; and remove more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Now, shoo! Go eat your mercury-and-cadmium-laden sharks' fin and incinerated pig flesh before they all run out.

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