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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CNY 2008 Observations

Looks like one Mister James Chih beat me to the CNY rant:

It's that time of the year again — a time when people like me, in their 30s and single, start getting the jitters

As Chinese New Year approaches, nieces and nephews may be eagerly looking forward to getting hongbaos from me, but sorry folk [sic], you will only get them when I get legally hitched.

And those who are legally entitled to give out these hongbaos will be asking: "So, how long more do you plan on collecting hongbaos from us?"

Well-intentioned friends and relatives will intone: "All your close friends and cousins are married, so when is your turn? You must be too choosy!"

[ . . . ]

What they fail to realise is that some of these married friends and cousins are so good at tying the knot that they've held their second or third weddings.

Mmm... As I read the last paragraph, I envisioned the scene from Alien, where the creature's acidic blood melts through the steel deck.

Hear the sarcasm drip...



This bak kwa advertisement sent me into stitches. I mean, here's a picture of a slim, young woman, smiling and holding a piece of incinerated pig flesh. What is it that she is trying to say?

1.)  "Ladies, if you stay away from this, you will look like me!"

2.)  "Guys, if you want to land a girlfriend like me, eat lots of incinerated pig flesh!"

Or what?



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