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Thursday, December 13, 2007

This is sad

Mr Shuichi Amano,

"To be divorced is the equivalent of being declared dead — because we can't take care of ourselves."

When his wife told him eight years ago that she was "99 per cent" certain that she was going to dump him, he added, the only things he then knew how to do in the kitchen were to fry eyes and pour boiled water over noodles.

Mr Amano would probably enjoy chatting with the little old lady I met in Perth. I even have a title ready for their discourse: "Dependency and Co-dependency: Secrets of an Enduring Marriage."

On the flip side of the fence, in all my years, I only met one girlfriend whose cooking skills surpassed mine (and she isn't Singaporean). And then, there was this chick who couldn't even reheat a can of Campbell's soup (neither a girlfriend nor romantic interest. Thank Gawd for little mercies).


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