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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ain't that the truth!

In case you haven't been following the news, a container ship, Cosco Busan, hit a tower of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco on November 7, 2007, spilling 58,000 gallons of bunker fuel:

Funniest post regarding the incident so far:

It takes a lot of medical marijuana to accomplish that sort of feat.
Posted by Enophile

I bet they were listening to "Jammin'" and smoking spliffs when the accident occurred.

I can picture the bridge of the ship as it happened...


"I'm jamin' I'm jammin' I'm jammin I'm jammin in the name of the lord..."


"What, man?"

"Bridge, dude!"

"That was the bridge...'I'm jammin' I'm jammin' is, like, totally the bridge."

"No, dude, THE BAY BRIDGE!!!"


"Oh, man, we are so busted. Pull over to that island while I ditch the weed...."


Thanks a lot.
Posted by Jack Seaton.

Here I thought you were a level headed guy and you then use this as an opportunity to poke fun at Medical MJ users.

Any other stereotypes you want to address, or was this enough for one day?


Posted by Bruce Kendall

That is probably closer to the truth than we'll ever hear.


Ship crew's drug, alcohol tests botched, Coast Guard says

Kevin Fagan, Demian Bulwa, Zachary Coile, Chronicle Staff Writers
San Francisco Chronicle
November 15, 2007

San Francisco - -- The Coast Guard was rocked by new developments Wednesday in the wake of the huge San Francisco Bay oil spill as the agency shoved aside its Bay Area disaster commander, began a wide-ranging probe of its actions after the accident and admitted it had mishandled drug tests for crew members of the ship that struck the Bay Bridge.

[ . . . ]

Also topmost among the concerns at the Washington briefing were revelations by the Coast Guard that it and the owners of the Cosco Busan freighter failed to ensure that members of the ship's crew were tested for drugs within 32 hours after the ship hit the bridge as required by federal regulations.

"If they didn't follow the protocol, and let's say people were keeling over with drugs and they got away with it, there ought to be a penalty for that - and we'll never know," [Senator Barbara] Boxer said.

Coast Guard officials said Wednesday that the ship's operators did not test some of the relevant crew members - those with duties potentially linking them to the crash - for drugs until 53 hours after the incident.

It is the responsibility of the owner and operator of a vessel to test crew members immediately after an incident, but the Coast Guard is responsible for making sure the testing rules are strictly followed.

The rest of the article.


Anyone who ever observed potheads would know that Enophile's portrayal is spot on  :-D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

EH I AM A LOSER! HAHAHA can't believe I'm such a little piece of shit. I deserve to be shat on and spat out. tsk tsk. shame on my little fuckface.

expletives are deservedly reserved for the little shit head I am. hope I get my head blown off by a shotgun.

pro-gay atheist supporter.

November 16, 2007 9:53 PM  
Blogger -ben said...

I sense a lot of self-hate in this one.


November 16, 2007 10:25 PM  

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