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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pain free

A man went to a dentist for a regular check up. The dentist discovered that a tooth was in such a poor state that it had to be extracted. The man agreed to the procedure.

When the dentist proceeded to give the man an injection of anesthetic but the man said, "No, I don't need an injection." The dentist gently explained that the procedure is very painful, but the patient was adamant that he would be just fine without the needle. The patient claimed that he had two experiences in his lifetime that rendered him immune to pain. Shrugging, the dentist went ahead to extract the tooth.

To the dentist's amazement, the man didn't even wince. Quite astonished, the dentist remarked, "That was amazing! The two experiences you had which made you immune to pain must have been something really special. Would you care to tell me about them?"

The man said, "Sure. One day, when I was out hunting, I suddenly developed the overwhelming need to take a crap. I ducked behind a bush, lowered my pants, and, as I squatted down, my scrotum landed on a rabbit trap and..."

The dentist exclaimed "Oh my God! That must have been excruciating! But... but what was the second experience?"

The man replied, "When I ran out of chain."


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