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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two front teeth

It was a late evening in the midst of the work week when I boarded the bus bound for home. Inside, the pale, greenish florescent light overhead dripped a palpable weariness; quietly, sulkily glancing off the ooze of oily faces, heavy eye bags, and vacant eyes.

The long "bendy" bus shudders to another stop. A lady in her late thirties steps up and inquires if the route passes Sunset Way. The bus driver replies in the affirmative. Thanking him and turning around, she announces, "Children! It's okay. You may board the bus."

A boy, of perhaps eleven years of age, lifts his little sister onto the first step. Clambering up, the little girl greets the bus driver — big, cheery grin, lilt in her voice, and missing two front teeth, "Hello, Uncle Bus Driver!"

I have never seen a tired man smile so much.
I think more than a few passengers smiled too.


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