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Friday, July 06, 2007

Global Warming cranks up a notch

Police in California have arrested former vice-president Al Gore's son, also named Albert Gore, after finding marijuana and narcotics in his low-emissions car.

Orange County Sheriff's deputies spotted Gore's blue Toyota Prius going more than 160kmh on the I-5, the main north-south highway on the west coast, early today, police said.

When they pulled him over, police smelled marijuana, searched the car and allegedly found more of the drug, as well as vicodin, valium, xantax, and adderal, which is used to treat attention deficit disorder.

"He did not have prescriptions for any of these medications," said sheriff's department spokesman Jim Amormino.

Gore was arrested and is being held on $US20,000 ($23,445) bail.

"He is still in custody," Amormino said.

Gore, 24, lives in Los Angeles and told authorities he was headed south to San Diego, Amormino said.

The arrest comes just days before Al Gore senior is due to join a series of Live Earth concerts to raise awareness of global warming.

Gore Jr.'s girlfriend?

The younger Gore has a history of drug and driving violations.


Unidentified sources reveal that Gore Senior is so mad, the projected average global temperature for 2007 may go up by as much as half a degree.


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