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Monday, August 28, 2006

With deepest condolences

She lay in the dark,
On the shadow of darkness,
Cold are her feet, cold her hands,
My baby rest,
Rest my baby, rest,
Let me one more time,
Touch your fingers,
Breath your breath,
My baby.
How long can you bear to suffer,
How long will our Lord ignores you?
Farewell in the darkest night,
Without/ within your cherished one.
May the light warm your soul,
May we ever find an answer.
May you rest in peace,
My sweet baby gently rest.
My Julia.

This morning my sweet baby died, I was alone with her and held her hand.

May the time stand still for one more prayer for her road, from you to her.


May the LORD bless and keep you and your family in this time of darkness, Patrick.

Godspeed your soul to the undying light, Julia.

Parents should never have to bury their children.


Requiescant in pace.


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