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Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am seriously contemplating removing the hair on my legs. As I am neither partial towards shaving (it would leave stubble, which would catch on my tights), nor waxing (hot dripping wax. Umm... S&M not in to I am.), I am probably going the route of depilatories.

Why shave / wax the legs?

1.) Cycling tights, knee and leg warmers are easier to don and doff.

2.) Less mud and horse crap cling to your legs when mountain biking.

3.) When you crash while road biking, the road rash is less severe as there are no hairs to catch on the asphalt and rip patches of skin off.

4.) Wounds are easier to clean, keep clean, and heal faster (no hairs in the way).

5.) Removal of bandages is less painful as there are no hairs to yank off.

6.) For long rides, the hairs on your legs increase aerodynamic drag (though it is miniscule).

7.) Bare legs feel cooler during warm weather as there is no hair to impede passing airflow.

8.) With no hairs to get yanked or pulled, it is easier to massage the legs after hard rides.

9.) Without hair, sunblock, insect repellent, deep heat pain-relieving creams go a long way.

Homophobes and men insecure about their sexual identities / preferences should hold their tongues with regard to this post. If hair follicles are the defining mark of masculinity, then Sasquatch and Chewbacca the Wookie must be history's epitomes of the alpha male.

Interesting poll here.

Picked this up tonight.


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