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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Telling it like it is

A stunning speech by Lieutenant Colonel Randolph C. White Jr. at the Infantry Graduation at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Video highlights hosted by Hot Air.
(Complete 12 min 10 sec speech can be found here.)

A partial transcript of the speech:

For my money, there are two kinds of men who walk the earth:  there are men of action, and all others.

[ . . . ]

The best and the brightest are not necessarily on campus or in the corporate board room right now. The best and the brightest are you out there in the parade field.  Men, don't ever think for one minute that the kids running around on some university campus protesting, breaking things or whining about this, that and the other, have anything on you.  You are privileged to have the one advantage that they all covet.  You will know--you will have facts--about the goings on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti, the Philippines, the Balkins and many other places. Your head will not be filled with the empty theory of those, who in actuality know very little because they lack the intestinal fortitude to commit to anything that requires risk.  I'm speaking of the snide, arrogant sort who spend the day blaming America for every wrong in the world before going home to sleep at night under that blanket of freedom provided by better men, better men just like you.

 Don't let the pessimist television talking heads, the highbrow newspaper writers, Hollywood idiots or any other faction of the "Blame America First" crowd, get you down.  I'm speaking of the “latte biscotti” crowd.  They are simple background chatter, men, and they will always exist on the periphery  of any endeavor that requires selfless service or loyalty.  They are not worthy of your concern.  And truth be told, in the pit of their fickle, cowardly hearts, they wish they could be just like you.  The intestinal fortitude that is a part of your fabric is something that they covet but will never know.  

I, for one will never, ever apologize for being an American. And don't you ever feel that you have to. We're not perfect, but I can think of no better place on earth.  We didn't become the great country we are by accident. We earned it.  And while we were at it, we kept and continue to keep a large portion of the world free. Just ask the veterans that are here today. American blood and sacrifice is an indisputable part of the world equation. We keep a large part of the world free. And no matter what disaster strikes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, we are the ones who show up first to help. American aircraft carriers. American soldiers. American marines. Air Force transport planes flying in supplies. And even local American church groups. More people in this world are trying to come to our shores than any other country. We remain the beacon of hope for many, and God willing, it will always be so.

We're number one.  Don't apologize for it. Be damn proud of it!

Watch the heads of liberals explode :-P

(Grateful hat tip: Amy)


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