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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Someone asked, "Why?"

If my self was my dwelling, then my body resembled an orchard that surrounded it. I could either cultivate that orchard to its capacity or leave it to the weeds to run riot in. . . . One day, it occurred to me to set about cultivating my orchard for all I was worth. For my purpose, I used sun and steel. Unceasing sunlight and implements fashioned of steel became the chief elements in my husbandry. Little by little, the orchard began to bear fruit, and thoughts of the body came to occupy a large part of my consciousness.
         (Yukio Mishima)

That, and he also wrote that a bulging belly is a sign of spiritual sloth.

Some of us endeavor to possess inexhaustible endurance; others, inexhaustible excuses.


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