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Friday, April 20, 2007

Spotlight: Homer's Odyssey

'Chanced upon this entry on Homer, an 18-month-old Basset Hound. Isn't he the cutest?

His owner, Susan Lammers, warns,

[H]ere's a picture of Homer. Innocent enough eh? Well, don't let those droopy eyes fool you.

When Susan went on a trip, the housesitter had her hands full with Homer:

[O]ur housesitter ask[ed] me if Homer ever runs away from home. I said no and she reported that he was missing and no where to be found. I gave her some suggestions of where to look and hoped for the best, but as the saying goes, Bassetts have a big nose and a small brain so they're not too good at watching out for cars or other big moving objects in their scent's way. I prayed he wasn't hit...

Homer was found, but he got out again. After a frantic search, the following details emerged:

So it turns out... Homer made his way from our house  up the hill several blocks to The Ephiphany School where he entered the second grade classroom at lunchtime. There he found twenty little kids lunches and he began eating his way through the sandwiches and chips when the kids all returned from the playground to find Homer having a feast at their expense. Homer and the kids all played together and the teacher looked on in fun and then called Jeanne the office manager and dog lover to come please collect the dog. She tied up Homer on the playground and their the kids continued  playing with their new mascot. Homer soaked up the love he was missing so dearly.

*Collective "Awww!"*


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