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Thursday, April 05, 2007

(One of) Kerry's bikes for sale

One of Senator John Kerry's bikes is on eBay: a 62.5 cm Serotta Colorado III.

This bicycle is in mint condition. Minimal use. Never spilled and never ridden in rain. It is practically new. A custom Serotta, the top tube measures 59 cm, centerline top tube to centerline stem. 62.5 cm from centerline crank to seat post. Custom features include: carbon Serotta 02 fork, Campagnolo Chorus 10 speed, Durace pedals with 175 mm crank. Brakes are Campagnolo Chorus. Fly Buzz Off Saddle. Durace alloy seat post. Forgie 3T stem 125 mm. 3T carbon handlebars. Vredenstein Tri-Comp 700 x 23 mm tires. Mavic Open Pro 175 PSI wheels. Cat-eye cordless computer. Waterbottle holders and toolkit on seat.

The bike was Senator John Kerry's ride during much of the '04 presidential campaign.

eBay item 280098157603

I see Kerry decided to retain his custom saddle :-P

Don't worry about John though. He has 3 other Serottas. Two of which are Ottrotts. (What's that about a limousine liberal again?)


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