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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Free letter template for newspaper forum writers

         Dear Forum editor of __________ (insert name of local newspaper here),

I fully agree with the government's stance on __________.

The Singapore government has led Singapore to become one of the most successful nations in the world. Within a single generation, we have progressed from a Third World country to a First World nation. This would not have been possible without the leadership provided by the government since independence.

Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. __________, in a letter to the forum dated __________, said that we should allow more freedom and more political space in the area of ____________________. He / She also suggested that __________.

I strongly disagree with the writer. Singapore's political situation is unique and to take a more liberal stand regarding __________ would be playing right into the hands of Singapore's enemies.

We are very fortunate to have a PAP-led government lead the country through __________ (insert national / economic crisis here). Without the PAP, Singapore would still be a fishing village, our men foreign construction workers, and our women sent overseas to be domestic maids.

To quote the Hon. BG (Ret.) / Dr. / Associate Professor __________, Minister of __________, he stated "____________________." I totally agree with the Hon. BG (Ret.) / Dr. / Associate Professor __________ one-hundred percent.

We are lucky that we have people like him who are loyal and committed to Singapore.

Had he left for the private sector, he would be earning several times more than his ministerial pay. However, he was willing to make considerable sacrifices in order to serve Singapore.

Let us not be misled by people like Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. __________, who claim that Singaporeans possess no political freedom. The fact that free and fair elections are held every few years is evidence that the country is democratic and the people are free to vote. We also have a Speakers' Corner. The next thing spoilt Singaporeans will be complaining about is the absence of air-conditioning and the lack of free drinks served there. Where will it stop?

Divisive proposals and opinions such as those expressed by Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. __________ should be vigorously opposed. To allow such ideas to take hold would cause the country to fall apart.

Singapore is my home and I have total faith in the government to lead us through __________.

We should be grateful that we have managed to nip corruption and inefficiency at the bud and progress together as a nation. Let us all rally behind the government. They have the interests of all Singaporeans at heart.

__________. (Insert your name.)
__________. (IC number)


This letter template is brought to you as a social service by:

Karp Lan Par
Singapore Ballcarriers Association


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