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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Thank you :-)


Anonymous spec78 said...

The Cyclist's Prayer

Lord, I am a cyclist.
Hear me pray.
I am just a lowly cyclist
I have freakishly big legs and no chest
But Lord please hear my prayer
I have a few requests

Let us pray

I. O Lord give me fitness
For getting up the hills
I don't know why I haven't gotten faster
With my new bike, heart monitor and magic pills
I know what need to work on
It's my sprinting, (and climbing, flats and downhills),
I hear
I promise I'll start training
I promise, for sure, next year

Let us pray

II. O Lord grant me harmony
With my significant other
Those personal relationships
can really be quite a bother
while I understand the problem
it should never interfere
with what we all know is important:
riding, racing, and gear.

(For us single people:

Lord find me a (chick/guy) who rides
Who is hot, and faster than my ex
Or at least someone who'll let me take off riding
And come back and still get sex)

Let us pray

III. O Lord give me definition
In my calves and in my thighs
And grant me clearer vision
When lactic acid clouds my eyes
And for my eyes give me shades
That I wear even in dark weather
I give me lots of clingy lycra
(In fluorescent euro colours, I think it makes my butt look better)

Let us pray

IV. O Lord give me titanium
For the lightness that it brings
And carbon fiber, and 11 cogs
And new suspension fork springs
And disc brakes, and custom wheels
And two hundred dollar chainrings
And see me through my bankruptcy
When I buy too many things

Let us pray
V. And in conclusion, Lord please forgive me
When I'm dropped off the back or sucking wheel
Or when I crash in a stupid way
Like when I had that banana I was trying to peel
Or when I block people in the singletrack
(Is all that cursing for real?)
I'm trying. I'm getting better.

Now hurry up and give me a new bike.

Source : ??forgot where I got tis from

oh ! u r now bk in sink-a-pore =D
so no more riding in d woods ??

December 05, 2006 6:14 PM  
Blogger -ben said...

Hi Hi!

That was priceless! Thank you! Too true! Esp. that bit about cursing behind on singletracks :-D

Yep, back in Sinkapooh for a while. Desperately trying to remain sane and not join the Collective.

so no more riding in d woods ??

Oh, been riding in whatever woods I can find. The trails here are pitifully short in comparison, but I guess I can always cross the Causeway. However, there is the personal safety aspect when riding on a $$$ bike alone there :-(

Have you seen the Shimano 2007 XTR rear derailleur? What a beaut!

December 05, 2006 11:11 PM  

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